Location: Charleston, Mississippi, United States

I teach math and Spanish at a private academy in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi. My wife and I live on campus. We got married in June 2005, after meeting a year earlier on E-Harmony. She is an employment interviewer for a state employment office in her home town of Grenada, MS.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back after a long absence

Since I have more time to blog here after a long absence, and after finding out that my school did not renew my contract for the next school year, I will be focusing my efforts here on how God is calling me into ministry. I was licensed in 1996 by my home church in Texas; but have not really followed up on it. Now that I am going through a "crisis of belief", I think God has finally got my attention; and I am not going to let anything hinder me from serving Him wholeheartedly. I have already forwarded my resume to four Associational Missionaries in my part of Mississippi. Also, I have two sermon outlines kind of developed; all I need to do is expand them to what I would say during a 20-25 minute sermon. Above all, I must pray and wait on my Lord to move and act according to His purpses.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I am new at this

As a Southern Baptist, I am impressed by many fellow Christians who use blogs to post. I may not be perfect or consistent, but I love to speak my mind and will take every opportunity to on topics that passionately impress me. Anything about Baptist faith and practice that intrigues me is open game.